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Privacy Statement

A.         Introduction


Stago BNL B.V. ("Stago BNL") is responsible for the processing of personal data. Personal data is any data that can be used, directly or indirectly, to identify you as a person.


Among other things, this Privacy Statement sets out the purposes of processing your data, the categories of data being processed and how you can exercise your rights in respect of your personal data.


Stago BNL has notified the Dutch Data Protection Authority (College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens) in The Hague (the Netherlands) that it intends to process personal data.


B.         Scope


This Privacy Statement is applicable to all personal data that Stago BNL processes about (i) its customers, (ii) prospects and (iii) visitors of its website in connection with conducting its business. Stago BNL may collect your personal data (i) via its website or (ii) through personal business contact between you and the employees of Stago BNL. Stago BNL's website terms and conditions are applicable to the use of the website.


C.         Purposes of data processing


Stago BNL collects and processes data for the following purposes:


·                     If Stago BNL has received the data through personal business contact, in order to contact you in respect of Stago BNL's products, including the making of offers, updating of product information, etc.;

·                     To establish whether you qualify to receive as a registered user detailed information about Stago BNL's products via the website and to administer membership of the registered users;

·                     To comply with legal requirements, such as requests from and enforcement by regulators, tax authorities and investigation authorities; and

·                     Technical and functional management of the website.


D.         Categories of personal data


Stago BNL processes personal data that is required in view of the purposes set out above. If we engage with you through normal business practice, we collect in our internal CRM system the following personal data from you:


·                     name, sex, institute/company name, position, department, address, postal code, city, country, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, offers, contracts, sales details, your business related interests and minutes of the meetings.


If you wish to register an account so that you can download additional information about Stago BNL's products on the website, we will need the following personal data from you:


·                     name, sex, e-mail address, company name, position, address, postal code, city, country, telephone number, e-mail address, password.


During your visit to the website Stago BNL will – whether you are a registered user or not – process the following categories of data, which are linked to the use of the website, e.g.:


·                     IP-address (and corresponding ISP), operating system (and version thereof), web browser (and version thereof), screen resolution and colouring, search engine history, linking websites and web pages visited.


E.         Sharing data with third parties


Your personal data may be shared, for any of the purposes set out above, with recipients such as service providers, Stago group companies, regulators, tax authorities and investigation authorities. As part of this, your personal data may also be transferred to recipients in countries outside the European Economic Area. If this happens, Stago BNL will take any appropriate measures that are reasonably necessary in order to ensure that your data is protected.


F.         Cookies


The website of Stago BNL does not use cookies other than a functional cookie (named PHPSESSID), which secures that the web pages available for registered users only are not accessible for non-registered users.


G.        Third party internet sites


This Privacy Statement does not apply to third party internet sites associated with this site via links, including websites of Stago group companies. Any such internet sites are subject to any terms and conditions and privacy statements included on those sites.


H.         Changes to the Privacy Statement


Stago BNL may make changes to this Privacy Statement. Stago BNL advises you to refer to this Privacy Statement regularly, so that you are aware of these changes.


I.          Exercising your rights; contacting Stago BNL


You have the option of asking Stago BNL if you can view, change or remove your personal data or of objecting to the processing thereof.


To make a request, or if you have any other questions about the Stago BNL privacy policy, please find our contact details via http://www.stago-bnl.com/en/contact/